About the Olathe Historical Society


The Olathe Historical Society was founded by a group of citizens to preserve the rich history of the City and people of Olathe, and to collect and care for documents and artifacts from the City’s early beginnings to present day. The Articles of Incorporation were finalized and accepted on November 24, 1974. A charter was granted by the State of Kansas on January 28, 1975.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Olathe Historical Society is to create interest in the history of Olathe, to bring together people interested in that history and to discover, collect and preserve material and sites which help to illustrate the history of the area.

The Historical Society will also have the right to acquire by purchase, gift, device, or otherwise the title to or the custody and control of historic sites and places and articles and materials. The Society will provide for the preservation of such materials and such sites so that they shall be available to all who wish to examine or study them.

The Historical Society will endeavor to create interest in the history of Olathe by means of any channels or resources available.

The Society will cooperate with any other organized historical societies in Johnson County and the Kansas State Historical Society to collect and preserve materials of the county and state significant to Olathe so that these materials can be made available to students and scholars.

Maron Moore

Maron Moore with the 3 Emmy’s earned by Greg Sheffer for the “Olathe..The City Beautiful” film series.