President Margaret Endecott
Ph: (913) 626-4104

1st Vice President Bob Courtney
Ph: (913) 764-2494

2nd Vice President Jayne Jones

Secretary Sharman Morris

Treasurer Vicki Holdman

Collections Caren Burns

Board of Directors

Karen Beets
Max Beets
Mary Cochran, board member emeritus
Bruce Crane
Ann Johnson
Richard Kauffman
Ken Roberts

Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Olathe Public Schools for the donation of DVDs in the Olathe: The City Beautiful film series to each Olathe school.  From l to r: Superintendent Dr. Marlin Berry, BOE member Joe Beveridge, OHS President Bob Courtney, OHS Board member Maureen Donegan, film producer Greg Sheffer, and OPS Community Liaison facilitator Heather Schoonover.